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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Cleaning agent fumes kill 1 restaurant worker and sicken others

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular sports bar chain in North Carolina and nationwide, but a fatal exposure to a cleaning agent halted dinner service at one location. Fumes from the cleaning agent known as Super 8 overcame one worker who applied it to a floor. The sanitizer contains sodium hypochlorite. After that worker stumbled outside, a co-worker took up a squeegee and tried to move the liquid outside. The person attempting to remove the toxic liquid became severely nauseous and later died at a hospital.

Injured employees may receive help with workers' compensation

Employees who are injured in North Carolina may be entitled to certain benefits by filing a workers' compensation claim. These benefits may help those who are injured receive medical care for their injuries and some financial help while they heal.

How workers get hurt on the job

Employers in North Carolina and throughout the United States are encouraged to make employee safety a top priority. OSHA recently released its list of the 10 most common workplace safety violations for fiscal year 2019, and fall protection violations were the top cause of workplace injuries during that time period. Hazard communication, scaffolding and ladder violations were also among the top 10 most frequently cited violations. While these types of accidents can happen anywhere, they occur with regularity in the manufacturing sector.

Study finds reduced health among workers in dead-end jobs

Many variables influence job satisfaction in North Carolina. While pay is certainly a big factor, and a new study concludes that issues like schedule flexibility, job security and opportunity for advancement also influence the physical/mental health of workers.

Oil and gas extraction workers, miners prone to hearing loss

North Carolina miners and oil and gas extraction operators are at serious risk of hearing loss, based on a new study. The study, which was published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, was conducted by researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's Taft Laboratory in Ohio.

Ninth Circuit rules in favor of OSHA in toxic exposure case

According to a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, North Carolina employers must determine before work starts whether employees could need respiratory equipment. The ruling was handed down in a case involving workers who said that air quality was poor while performing welds on a ship's voids. As a result of the poor air quality, workers for Seward Ship's Drydock Inc. filed a complaint with OSHA.

Improving workers' safety with floor markings

Most warehouses, factories and other commercial buildings in North Carolina can benefit from having more floor markings. Floor tape in particular, especially reflective and fluorescent material, is affordable as well as versatile. Its use can extend beyond flooring to the walls, pipes, tools and equipment. The following are just some of the ways that floor marking can improve safety in the workplace.

Fatigue a factor in many workplace injuries

For many people, modern-day life in North Carolina and throughout the country is characterized by the nonstop demands of a 24/7 world. Everything is seemingly always available. Nothing ever shuts down, and neither do people. The result of this continuing type of lifestyle is reflected in fewer hours per night of sleep, which very quickly translates into fatigue. Chronic fatigue, in turn, is not simply a personal issue but one that can impact how a person performs, or, perhaps more accurately, does not perform his or her job.

Hearing protectors for workers with hearing loss

Employers in North Carolina may be aware that OSHA has no specific guidelines for how to protect employees with some level of hearing loss. OSHA does recommend, however, that such employees be fitted with the appropriate hearing protectors: devices that enhance audibility by reducing sounds of certain frequencies.