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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

NSC: traffic deaths reach 40,000 for third year in a row

For three consecutive years, from 2016 to 2018, the number of traffic deaths in North Carolina and across the U.S. has reached and even exceeded 40,000. This is according to preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council. In 2018, there were approximately 40,000 fatalities, which was a 1% decline from 2016, at 40,327 deaths, and 2017, at 40,231 deaths.

Subaru Crosstrek is safe but a magnet for accidents

The Subaru Crosstrek is involved in the most at-fault accidents of any vehicle in the U.S. This was the finding of a survey from Insurify, the auto insurance comparison site, after data scientists culled statistics from its database of over 1.6 million insurance quotes. North Carolina residents should know that Insurify made a list of 10 of the most crash-prone vehicles.

Reducing distractions on the road

North Carolina motorists may benefit from a few safety tips because they concern the various activities that can take their attention from the road. Distracted driving leads to thousands of crashes every year, and in 2017, a total of 3,166 people died in these types of incidents.

Dangers of extreme heat on the job

North Carolina's outdoor workers may face particularly dangerous conditions in the summer heat. That's why the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is reminding employers to promote workplace safety by helping employees to avoid dangerous conditions linked to extreme heat. Under federal safety standards, employers operating job sites with high temperatures must establish a program designed to help employees prevent heat-related illness.

Road Safety groups want more protection for rear-seat passengers

All passenger vehicle occupants are required to fasten their seat belts in North Carolina, but research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveals that such laws are ignored by up to one in four rear-seat passengers. Many automotive safety features introduced in recent years greatly improve crash survivability for drivers and front-seat passengers , but they do little to protect those occupying the rear seats. This is becoming an increasingly serious road safety issue due to the growing popularity of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

How North Carolina drivers can prevent car accidents

Drivers in North Carolina who are rightfully concerned about car accidents should remember several safety tips that help avoid preventable fatalities. Even though many car accidents can be prevented, road carnage is the leading cause of death for people between two and 34 years old in the United States.

Crash tests show pickup passengers more vulnerable than drivers

Since 2012, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been carrying out crash tests on the driver's side of vehicles. In 2017, it commenced analyzing the passenger's side as well. Now IIHS researchers have found out something about safety in newer two-row pickup trucks that should be of interest to pickup owners in North Carolina.

Ford "Sleep Suit" replicates experience of drowsy driving

Drowsy driving is not only widespread but also dangerous, accounting for one in five road accidents in North Carolina and across the U.S. Experts say that remaining awake for 18 hours or more can create the same level of impairment as that experienced by a drunk driver. Now, Ford has developed a special "Sleep Suit" to raise awareness of the dangers of drowsy driving. This came just in time for World Sleep Day, which was March 15.

Prescription opiates may be linked to fatal crashes

The rise in the use of prescription opioids has concerned many in North Carolina, especially considering the number of people who have developed addictions to illegal drugs after taking prescription pain medications. The rate of overdoses across the country has gone up dramatically. Now, a study indicates that prescription opiates could also have an effect on highway safety, with at-fault drivers in two-car fatal crashes nearly twice as likely to have these drugs in their system.

Daydreaming while driving

Driving in North Carolina can be a source of relaxation and heading down the road with nothing but music and great scenery to keep the driver company. The flip side of that coin is that car crashes can be devastating, injuring drivers and possibly mortally wounding them. Therefore, it is worth looking into some of the main reasons behind car collisions as well as how best to avoid them.