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Posts tagged "Car Accidents"

Prescription opiates may be linked to fatal crashes

The rise in the use of prescription opioids has concerned many in North Carolina, especially considering the number of people who have developed addictions to illegal drugs after taking prescription pain medications. The rate of overdoses across the country has gone up dramatically. Now, a study indicates that prescription opiates could also have an effect on highway safety, with at-fault drivers in two-car fatal crashes nearly twice as likely to have these drugs in their system.

Daydreaming while driving

Driving in North Carolina can be a source of relaxation and heading down the road with nothing but music and great scenery to keep the driver company. The flip side of that coin is that car crashes can be devastating, injuring drivers and possibly mortally wounding them. Therefore, it is worth looking into some of the main reasons behind car collisions as well as how best to avoid them.

Sleep deprivation a danger among ridesharing drivers

Compelled by low wages and salary incentives, ridesharing drivers in North Carolina tend to work long hours and run the risk of sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, many dismiss the need for adequate sleep and continue to endanger themselves and others on the road. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine brought attention to the issue of drowsy rideshare drivers in a position statement made in April 2018. The academy called it a public safety risk.

Defusing road rage in one's self and in others

Many drivers in North Carolina have encountered road rage at one time or another, so it's important to consider the following tips for defusing that rage. From parking lots to highways, drivers can become angry and impatient almost anywhere. The first step, regardless of the situation, is to remain calm. Each driver must find his or her own strategy; it could be listening to classical music or thinking reasonable thoughts.

Getting ready for winter road conditions

Winter weather can create hazardous driving conditions on roads in North Carolina and throughout the United States. In some cases, snow or ice can coat surfaces without warning. Therefore, it can be a good idea for drivers to tell friends or family members where they are going ahead of time. In the event that a driver becomes stranded, he or she should remain close to the vehicle.

Driving safely at night

Many people in North Carolina are injured in crashes every year. According to National Safety Council research, the risk of being in a fatal crash is three times greater when driving at night. Drivers should use extra caution to make driving at night safer.

Halloween and the threat of reckless drivers

The northeast chapter of AAA offers some safety tips for those who are going to be out for Halloween night. Parents and partygoers alike in North Carolina will want to review this information so that they can reduce accident risks. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that the time between 6 p.m. on Oct. 31 and 6 a.m. on Nov. 1 are the peak hours for drunk-driving crashes.

Modern safety features could make drivers more dangerous

Advanced accident prevention features like automatic emergency braking systems, blind-spot monitors and adaptive cruise control could be making the roads of North Carolina and around the country more dangerous instead of safer according to a recent report from the American Automobile Association. The AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety came to this sobering conclusion after surveying 1,200 American drivers who purchased new cars equipped with such systems in 2016 and 2017.

Reducing backup crashes with car safety tech

North Carolina residents who are on the market for new cars may want to consider the benefits of rear automatic braking. This is because a report has shown that this technology can reduce the chance of a backup crash by 62 percent. If the brakes are combined with rearview cameras and backup warning sensors, that same risk goes down by an estimated 78 percent.

Safe driving tips for the fall

Summer is almost over. Some North Carolina schools have already begun classes, and, believe it or not, the holidays will soon be here. That means there will be extra traffic on the road and an increased risk of getting into a car accident. However, by brushing up on some basic driving tips, people can have a safe and enjoyable autumn.