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Truck Accidents Archives

The danger of overloaded trucks

When traveling the roads of North Carolina, drivers may want to be on the lookout for trucks carrying heavy loads. Overloaded trucks can make it more difficult for the truck driver to control the vehicle; in fact, overloading is one of the leading causes of truck accidents.

How medical conditions affect truck driver safety

North Carolina truckers tend to suffer from issues like high blood pressure, lower back pain, diabetes, and heart disease, as their lifestyle naturally demands that they sit for long hours, sleep only when they can, and eat at the most convenient places, not the healthiest. While most trucking companies will pull a driver for a serious health condition, most do not consider the way that multiple conditions interact and affect driver performance.

Thursday and Friday deadliest days for truck accidents

Like most workers in North Carolina, truck drivers experience more fatigue at the end of the work week. Perhaps unsurprisingly, accident data has revealed that Thursday is consistently the top day for truck driver fatalities. Friday comes in second place for deadly crashes that involve commercial vehicles.