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November 2019 Archives

Lowering distracted driving with the help of AI

Drivers in North Carolina may not be surprised to hear that artificial intelligence is being incorporated in car safety features. The mechanics of deep learning and various advances in computer vision technology and algorithms are allowing for systems that can alert drivers when they are engaging in unsafe behaviors, especially distracted behavior.

The night shift may be hazardous to your health

Whether you work in a hospital, fire station, factory or another 24-hour operation, there is a good chance that you may occasionally or regularly work an overnight shift. After all, while workers need to sleep, some business ventures never do. You should realize, though, that working overnight may increase your chances of sustaining a serious job-related injury. 

Cleaning agent fumes kill 1 restaurant worker and sicken others

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular sports bar chain in North Carolina and nationwide, but a fatal exposure to a cleaning agent halted dinner service at one location. Fumes from the cleaning agent known as Super 8 overcame one worker who applied it to a floor. The sanitizer contains sodium hypochlorite. After that worker stumbled outside, a co-worker took up a squeegee and tried to move the liquid outside. The person attempting to remove the toxic liquid became severely nauseous and later died at a hospital.

Daylight saving time ends, puts more drowsy drivers on the road

North Carolina drivers may be happy to gain one hour with the end of daylight saving time, but they should be aware of the potential harm this change can cause. Disrupting the sleep/wake cycle and circadian rhythm can lead to drowsiness afterward. This is why there's a rise in car crashes on the days immediately following the end of DST.