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Why employees should report all incidents

Managers and frontline workers in North Carolina need to know the importance of incident reporting. It keeps an organization safe and efficient and makes everyone more aware of the hazards that are faced in the workplace.

These hazards can include faulty machinery and equipment, a lack of equipment, the threat of exposure to harmful chemicals, inadequate training and the threat of improper behavior like harassment or showing up at work under the influence of drugs. Incident reporting is especially needed among office workers, manual laborers and those in the manufacturing industry where heavy machinery is present.

With a greater awareness of safety hazards, employers can then take the appropriate preventative measures. Incident reports, by providing real-life data, can help employers determine if they need to improve training, replace equipment or implement another strategy.

Employees, for their part, should understand the difference between casually remarking on something unusual at work and filling out a report. The latter action inspires a sense of urgency in employers. Reports are, after all, legal documents and can be referred to in the event of an injury on the job. Employees are encouraged to fill reports out immediately after an incident and back them up with eyewitness testimony when possible.

Those who are injured at work can be reimbursed for their medical expenses and for a portion of the wages they lose. This means filing a claim under workers' compensation law. Victims may want a lawyer to evaluate their case and assist with the filing because the process can be complicated. Should the employer deny payment, the lawyer may help mount an appeal. Those who are already receiving benefits may opt for a settlement via a compromise settlement agreement or a Form 26A. Many settlements are paid out in a lump sum.

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