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Improving workers' safety with floor markings

Most warehouses, factories and other commercial buildings in North Carolina can benefit from having more floor markings. Floor tape in particular, especially reflective and fluorescent material, is affordable as well as versatile. Its use can extend beyond flooring to the walls, pipes, tools and equipment. The following are just some of the ways that floor marking can improve safety in the workplace.

Every facility is different, so floor markings should, first of all, identify site-specific hazards. If there are any beams, ramps or loading docks that might pose a hazard, they should be clearly highlighted. Electrical outlets and access doors could also benefit from the extra marking.

Next, the markings could spell out messages that reinforce safety guidelines. One marking could, for example, remind workers to wear the right personal protective equipment. Other messages could reinforce the safety procedures in place in the event of fires, chemical spills and other disasters by highlighting doors and emergency exits. With the right markings, workers will also know to not block fire extinguishers and first aid stations.

Floor markings improve workflow, too. In high-traffic areas, one could lay down precut shapes to act as a path for workers' and visitors' feet. Markings can clearly outline work areas and show workers where to put away certain tools.

Unfortunately, accidents still happen because of problems with visibility or workers ignoring signs and markings. Those who are injured may be eligible for workers' compensation, but they may face opposition from employers. This is where a lawyer may come in handy. With legal assistance, victims may receive wage replacement and be covered for their medical expenses and any short- or long-term disability leave. An attorney may even discuss the two ways that one can settle, the compromise settlement agreement and the Form 26A settlement.

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