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Reducing distractions on the road

North Carolina motorists may benefit from a few safety tips because they concern the various activities that can take their attention from the road. Distracted driving leads to thousands of crashes every year, and in 2017, a total of 3,166 people died in these types of incidents.

First of all, drivers should take only a limited number of passengers at any given time because conversations can become distracting. When there are passengers, drivers could have one of them assist with certain tasks like adjusting the radio or using the navigation system.

Next, drivers should avoid eating while behind the wheel. It would also be best if drivers enforce a no-eating policy. Another thing to avoid is phone use, including the use of hands-free devices. Drivers who need to call or text in an emergency should pull over.

Drowsiness, which is often the result of sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, shift work or alcohol consumption, can lead to inattentive driving, too. Drivers can stave off fatigue with caffeinated beverages, but only for a while. As a last resort, they may need to pull over for a 20-minute nap. Parents should share this tips with their teenage drivers. Teens, being inexperienced, have the highest car crash and fatality rates of any age group.

Distracted drivers who cause a car accident will be held responsible for the damage that they cause to occupants of other vehicles unless it can be determined that a victim was in some fashion negligent under North Carolina law. People who have been injured in such a crash might find it advisable to discuss their situation with an experienced attorney.

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