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August 2019 Archives

NSC: traffic deaths reach 40,000 for third year in a row

For three consecutive years, from 2016 to 2018, the number of traffic deaths in North Carolina and across the U.S. has reached and even exceeded 40,000. This is according to preliminary estimates from the National Safety Council. In 2018, there were approximately 40,000 fatalities, which was a 1% decline from 2016, at 40,327 deaths, and 2017, at 40,231 deaths.

Subaru Crosstrek is safe but a magnet for accidents

The Subaru Crosstrek is involved in the most at-fault accidents of any vehicle in the U.S. This was the finding of a survey from Insurify, the auto insurance comparison site, after data scientists culled statistics from its database of over 1.6 million insurance quotes. North Carolina residents should know that Insurify made a list of 10 of the most crash-prone vehicles.

Hearing protectors for workers with hearing loss

Employers in North Carolina may be aware that OSHA has no specific guidelines for how to protect employees with some level of hearing loss. OSHA does recommend, however, that such employees be fitted with the appropriate hearing protectors: devices that enhance audibility by reducing sounds of certain frequencies.

Reducing distractions on the road

North Carolina motorists may benefit from a few safety tips because they concern the various activities that can take their attention from the road. Distracted driving leads to thousands of crashes every year, and in 2017, a total of 3,166 people died in these types of incidents.

Safe + Sound Week 2019 raises awareness of workplace hazards

Employers throughout North Carolina, regardless of the industry they are in, should know that OSHA has designated August 12 to 18 as Safe + Sound Week. This is a nationwide safety event held every year in the effort to raise awareness of workplace safety and help employers find systematic ways to identify and eliminate hazards.