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July 2019 Archives

Common reasons for commercial truck accidents

There are many reasons why a truck accident can occur on North Carolina roads. One common cause is excessive speed. Drivers may try to go faster when they are paid by the load delivered as more deliveries equals a higher hourly rate. In some cases, brake failure can prevent a truck from stopping in a timely manner. When a commercial truck's brakes are working properly, they can stop within 100 feet when traveling at 35 miles per hour.

Dangers of extreme heat on the job

North Carolina's outdoor workers may face particularly dangerous conditions in the summer heat. That's why the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration is reminding employers to promote workplace safety by helping employees to avoid dangerous conditions linked to extreme heat. Under federal safety standards, employers operating job sites with high temperatures must establish a program designed to help employees prevent heat-related illness.

Reports suggest DOT will relax hours-of-service rules

Every year, many road users in North Carolina are killed or seriously injured due to accidents caused by fatigued truck drivers. Federal hours-of-service regulations have been put into place to help prevent fatigue-related crashes, but industry groups like the American Trucking Association have lobbied Congress aggressively to relax the rules. These organizations say that the regulations do little to improve road safety but limit the amount that truck drivers can earn.

GAO report highlights safety issues at DOD construction sites

Construction workers have very dangerous jobs, but construction sites in North Carolina and around the country have become safer in recent years thanks to stricter regulations, advances in safety equipment and steps taken by developers to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. However, a study published recently by the Government Accountability Office suggests that construction workers hired by companies that win Department of Defense contracts may not be receiving the benefits of these developments.