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Workplace injuries due to some common safety failures

Workplace safety is a concern in North Carolina and throughout the U.S. Although there can be an accident in any kind of job, there are types of occupations in which the danger is higher. Combining that with the propensity of some industries to commit violations, workers can be in jeopardy.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration compiles an annual list of the most common safety violations. For 2018, there were certain violations that occurred most frequently. Falls are common in construction work. However, in many industries, people need to work at great heights and employers must be vigilant about safety and providing proper training. Hazard communication relates to information as to dangerous chemicals, toxic exposure, and avoiding injuries. Scaffolds are needed for numerous projects and there are OSHA requirements for their use. Interacting with gases, sprays, vapors and more make it vital to have respirators to avoid exposure.

If hazardous energy is uncontrolled, workers can suffer an array of injuries including electrocution, cuts, and having limbs amputated. Industrial trucks include forklifts. Workers using these and other types of trucks should have the necessary training. Falls from a great distance are inherently risky, but any fall can cause serious harm. Machinery and protections for them must be in place to keep workers from being harmed. Goggles, face shields, and eye wash stations are needed for proper protection as well.

People can suffer workplace injuries in any kind of job, but those whose employment requires any of the listed duties should know how employer mistakes can exacerbate the problem. Accidents can lead to medical expenses, lost wages and long-term damage. Workers' compensation benefits can help, and it might be advisable for a victim to have legal assistance when preparing and filing a claim.

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