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Do you need a police report after a car accident?

Car accidents are not always straightforward. Recently, a crash took place on I-40 in North Carolina because a family of ducks tried to cross the road. It resulted in a crash involving five vehicles, resulting in the shutdown of multiple lanes. 

After any kind of car accident, you want to contact the police immediately. In the event it was a minor fender bender, the cops may not bother showing up, but you at least want to try. In many cases, the police will come out, and they will create a thorough report. In the event you need to go to court to recover damages, that police report can serve as a vital piece of evidence. 

What goes into the report?

For severe accidents, the police will come out to the scene to record what transpired. The cops speak to all parties involved and take records of what caused the crash. You should answer all the officer's questions to the best of your knowledge. You do not want to guess if you feel unsure about anything. During this time, you want to stick to the basic facts. You do not have to admit fault, but you can talk with the cops about what caused the crash to happen. You never want to lie or exaggerate, as this will look poorly on you in court. 

How can you obtain a copy of the report?

First, you need to know which police department made the report. You can contact this agency to try to obtain a copy for your insurance agency's usage. Some agencies require you to show up in person and present state identification to collect the report. Some agencies require you to pay a nominal fee. The cost will be worth it because the police report is a useful piece of evidence if you file a personal injury lawsuit. 

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