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May 2019 Archives

How North Carolina drivers can prevent car accidents

Drivers in North Carolina who are rightfully concerned about car accidents should remember several safety tips that help avoid preventable fatalities. Even though many car accidents can be prevented, road carnage is the leading cause of death for people between two and 34 years old in the United States.

Proper machine guards may reduce workplace injuries

Machine operators in North Carolina and across the United States face more risks of accidents and injuries. This is due to the mechanics of the machines, which often contain hot, fast-moving parts. Because of the increased risk, the Occupational Safety and Health Association has issued rules and regulations to prevent accidents from occurring. Employers are required to train their employees and ensure that precautions are taken to protect those who work such machinery.

Construction workers suffer serious repetitive stress injuries

When most people think of repetitive stress injuries, the first thing that comes to mind is carpal tunnel syndrome. This affliction can lead to a great deal of suffering amongst computer users, but it is not the only type of injury that can result from repetitive motion. In fact, the construction industry experiences one of the highest frequencies of these problems.

Speeding to be focus in week focusing on traffic safety

When North Carolina drivers speed, they might be more likely to cause accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2015 statistics indicate that more than 90% of motor vehicle accidents had speed as a factor. The agency also reported that speed was involved in over 25% of traffic-related deaths in 2017. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety supports this figure, with the organization saying that speed has contributed to more than 25 percent of deaths in motor vehicle accidents for the last decade.

Falls pose a threat to construction workers

North Carolina construction workers face a lot of potential fall risks. After all, employees in the construction industry often work in open areas and at heights, including on roofs, scaffolds and ladders. Since construction work can be dangerous even when federal safety regulations are followed, the risks are particularly high in workplaces that fail to live up to safety standards.

Winning over truckers who manipulate vehicle safety tech

The speaker at a safety systems seminar during Atlanta's annual Technology & Maintenance Council has addressed a major issue of which some drivers in North Carolina may not be aware: namely, the issue of truckers manipulating or disabling the safety technology in their trucks. By doing this, they can engage in negligent actions like distracted or drowsy driving and, as long as an accident does not occur, get away with it.