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Preventing electrical accidents at work

Workplace safety is a top priority for OSHA. It created the NFPA 70E standard several years ago to ensure that workers in North Carolina and throughout the country are safe from electrical hazards. Ideally, companies will see the standard as a set of guidelines that can be followed to their benefit. By keeping electrical hazards to a minimum, businesses will have fewer injuries that reduce productivity and cost them money.

Furthermore, companies that buy into the standard may find that jobs have to be redone less frequently. This is because there is a greater emphasis on planning before a project is started. Ultimately, there will less time spent covering items, getting equipment and then uncovering items once work is ready to resume. Using the job planning checklist can be another way to save time and money in addition to the savings realized by keeping workers safe on the job.

Those who are hurt in workplace accidents may have to pay medical bills and other expenses related to injuries incurred in those accidents. For instance, an injured worker may need to see a doctor, take medication or go through physical therapy as part of the recovery process. The workers' compensation system is designed to help pay most or all of those costs.

Furthermore, it may be possible to recover a portion of lost wages related to an injury experienced while on the job. An experienced attorney may be able to further explain the process of applying for and receiving benefits. It may also be possible for an attorney to help a worker fill out an application or appeal the fact that an application was denied.

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