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Overloaded trucks create safety hazards for all motorists

Did you know that overloaded trucks have become a major cause of truck-related accidents?

And a major cause of concern for motorists is that an overloaded truck is hard to spot—but it could be the one that suddenly rolls over up ahead or, worse yet, jackknifes into your SUV.

Ignoring regulations

Most commercial truck drivers are responsible professionals, but others permit overloading in order to deliver more cargo and increase profits. Overloading is a violation of both state and federal regulations. However, it still happens despite the fact that this practice results in more wear-and-tear on the vehicle, creates a safety risk and opens companies associated with the truck and its cargo to liability.

Affecting performance

Overloading makes a big rig more difficult to handle. Overloaded cargo is prone to shifting, which may result in the truck being off-balance and at risk for accidents such as rollovers. The vehicle will also require greater stopping distances with more power applied to the brakes, something a novice driver, especially, may not take into consideration when highway traffic tightens up or an emergency situation arises. Misjudging stopping distances is especially problematic if the truck driver is traveling down an incline.

Finding fault

If you are the victim of a truck-car crash, you should know that assigning blame is a complex undertaking. More than one party might be at fault, such as the company that owns the truck, the company whose employees loaded it and, of course, the truck driver. Overloading is a practice that not only exposes motorists to danger but in the event of an accident, creates an opening for corporate liability.

Fighting the insurance companies involved requires experience and determination because the insurers that trucking companies retain want to pay out as little as possible to accident victims. Nevertheless, if overloading was the cause of the crash that totaled your SUV and caused you serious injury, an investigation should prove it, and those responsible will be held accountable.

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