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Defusing road rage in one's self and in others

Many drivers in North Carolina have encountered road rage at one time or another, so it's important to consider the following tips for defusing that rage. From parking lots to highways, drivers can become angry and impatient almost anywhere. The first step, regardless of the situation, is to remain calm. Each driver must find his or her own strategy; it could be listening to classical music or thinking reasonable thoughts.

It could also mean giving the other driver the benefit of the doubt. For example, when someone takes a parking space that drivers had their eye on, they should assume that person did not see them. The most important thing to do is to refrain from inflammatory gestures, such as making hand gestures, honking the horn or flashing the high beams. Even shooting a sarcastic look at another driver is risky, challenging the other's sense of superiority.

On highways, drivers should move over for anyone impatient enough to honk the horn and flash the headlights at them. If they cannot do so immediately, they can signal a right turn to let the other know their intention; that way, the driver won't pass them on the right. In traffic jams, drivers should maintain extra distance from the vehicle in front. They could make a quick escape when impatient drivers violate their vehicle's personal space.

Road rage is a form of reckless behavior, so those injured in a car accident who can prove that the other was angry or aggressive could be eligible for compensation. In fact, they could not only sue for legitimate losses like vehicle damage and medical bills but also seek to be awarded punitive damages, which are meant to punish the defendant. Auto insurance companies are aggressive in denying payment, though, which is why victims may want to retain a lawyer.

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