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Preventing workplace accidents

Workplace safety should be a primary concern for every company in North Carolina. Being aware of the most typical kinds of workplace accidents and adhering to good safety policies can help with accident prevention.

Trips, slips and falls make up a third of all of the personal injuries that occur in the workplace. They are also a top cause for workers' compensation claims. Common slip-and-fall injures include cuts, lacerations, sprains, back injuries, head injuries, pulled muscles and broken bones.

There are multiple causes of workplace falls. Workers may slip due to weather hazards, surfaces that are oily or wet, loose mats or rugs, spills and flooring that does not have the proper degree of traction. Trips can result from poor lighting, wrinkled carpeting, clutter on the floor, obstructed views and uneven walking surfaces.

In order to prevent workplace accidents, it is important that workers wear proper footwear. Furthermore, employers should maintain quality walking surfaces and good housekeeping. Workers should also take care to not rush and pay close attention to their surroundings. It is also wise for them to report any areas where there are spills, damages, obstructions or clutter.

Being struck by or caught in moving machinery is another prevalent cause of workplace accidents. These accidents are likely to occur when the machinery is not guarded properly. In extreme cases, machine-related injuries can result in crushed appendages or fatalities.

A workers' compensation attorney may assist someone who has been injured on the job obtain the benefits to which they may be legally entitled. Assistance may be provided with appealing denied benefits or settlement amounts that are insufficient to pay for medical expenses or lost wages.

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