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3 common accidents in industrial workplaces

Working in an industrial environment is challenging for a number of reasons. Whether you are employed at a warehouse, manufacturing plant or retail factory, you face a unique set of risks because of your environment. Like any other workplace, you are vulnerable to slipping and falling, muscle injuries and lacerations, but there are some additional injuries that are more common amongst industrial workers.

The following are three examples of accidents in industrial environments that can put workers at risk of injury. It is important to follow all safety procedures outlined for your workplace and exercise caution to prevent incidents such as these:

Loud noise exposure

According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, continual exposure to loud noises directly causes hearing loss. There are many loud noises that industrial workers hear throughout the day. Machinery, fans and the natural sounds of people working can all wear on you over time and damage your eardrums. As this damage worsens, your hearing becomes compromised. 

Toxic fume inhalation

Many industrial workplaces, especially factories and manufacturing plants, deal with chemicals and compounds that are toxic to workers handling them. Of course, utilizing the correct personal protective equipment should minimize the hazard of such job duties, but risk certainly still exists. One of the most dangerous potential accidents is inhalation of toxic chemical fumes. Any vapors or dust containing toxins can have serious health consequences. 

Falling object injuries

Just as loud noises and toxic fumes may be fixtures of some industrial workplaces, so are large, heavy objects. It is not uncommon for such objects to be stored at elevated heights, and when they fall, they can seriously injure or even kill any unfortunate workers who happen to be underneath them. It is vital that industrial workplace employers have safety measures in place to prevent accidents and injuries involving falling objects. 

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