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Safe driving tips for the fall

Summer is almost over. Some North Carolina schools have already begun classes, and, believe it or not, the holidays will soon be here. That means there will be extra traffic on the road and an increased risk of getting into a car accident. However, by brushing up on some basic driving tips, people can have a safe and enjoyable autumn.

Firstly, people should note that it's illegal to pass a stopped school bus on an undivided highway. All cars must come to a complete stop when a bus activates its red lights and lowers its stop sign. Drivers must also slow down when a school bus is flashing its yellow lights and always be on the lookup for children. They should also be sure to not engage in distracting activities and leave at least 10 feet between their vehicle and the bus at all times.

When navigating busy roads and parking lots during the holiday season, safety experts recommend that drivers keep their eyes moving and continuously scan for cars and pedestrians. Experts also suggest that drivers pay attention to the taillights of cars that are ahead of them and regularly check their mirrors to see what's going on beside them. This can help give them advance warning of potential hazards. Meanwhile, drivers should always remain alert when approaching driveways, alleyways and parking lot entrances. Cars can dart in and out of these areas, increasing the risk of a collision. Finally, drivers should always keep their vehicle in good working condition. A well-maintained car is a safe car.

No matter how safe drivers attempt to be, car accidents still happen. If someone is injured in a car crash that was caused by another party, he or she may have the grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit seeking compensation. A lawyer could assess a victim's claim and explain all legal remedies available.

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