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North Carolina law for construction worker injuries

Construction sites provoke a much higher number of injuries to workers than other industries. Construction workers face a high number of hazards in their work that make them especially susceptible to serious injury.

As a construction worker, you may want to know which types of injuries are eligible for workers' compensation under North Carolina law. Rather than singling out the specific types of injuries, it is more useful to understand how workers' compensation functions in the state and how you should proceed if you suffer an injury on the job.

North Carolina workers' compensation law

In North Carolina, state law requires businesses with three or more employees to provide workers' compensation insurance. There are certain exceptions, but this is the regulation that applies in the majority of cases. Therefore, if you work in the construction industry, this benefit should cover you.

Injuries and reporting

Some estimates show that one in 10 construction workers suffer injuries on the job. One of your first responsibilities if you suffer an on-the-job injury in construction in North Carolina is to report the injury to your employer, which will begin the workers' compensation claim process. There are strict time limits regarding claims, so you should not wait to report your injury. 

The claims process can be challenging. Sometimes, insurance companies try to deny claims, underpay claims, or even challenge the validity of claims. Sometimes employers may challenge the claim or try to discourage you from filing a claim. If you suspect that your employer is trying to retaliate against you for a claim, you should contact an attorney for assistance, because this is an unlawful practice.

North Carolina law protects workers from injuries through the North Carolina Industrial Commission. If you suffer an injury on a construction site in North Carolina, you should not hesitate to take action to make a workers' compensation claim, so you can receive the benefits you need to pay for medical treatment and missed work days.

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