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Trucking accidents can cause severe injuries

North Carolina drivers may be worried about the injuries that can accompany truck accidents. Collisions with these massive vehicles can cause serious problems for vehicle drivers and passengers. Indeed, up to 97 percent of those killed in crashes involving large trucks and passenger vehicles are the people inside the smaller vehicles. Even when everyone survives a crash, severe injuries could result.

Some of the most damaging types of injuries after truck accidents involve damages to the spinal cord. Back injuries can even be fatal if vertebrae are fractured or compressed. In other cases, these injuries can cause temporary or permanent paralysis due to nerve damage. The physical, emotional and financial costs of these types of injuries can be substantial and long term.

Head injuries can also be another serious concern. Traumatic brain injuries can result from concussions caused by a crash. In the case of a TBI or concussion, symptoms can continue to emerge for weeks or longer following the collision. There are other types of injuries that people frequently suffer in truck accidents as well. Even if they may not appear to be as severe as brain injuries or spinal damage, broken bones, cuts and lacerations can cause major damage and lead to costly medical bills.

A victim who has been injured due to a truck driver's negligent or dangerous behavior can pursue compensation for the harms they have suffered. A personal injury lawyer can help a victim seek funds to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages caused by the crash.

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