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New technology helps parents prevent distracted driving

Distracted driving accidents are often related to the use of technology. Reading or sending text messages, responding to social media posts and participating in social gaming cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. Ironically, technology may also be the way to stop the distractions and avoid preventable accidents on North Carolina roads.

To solve this problem, the technology company Katasi has developed a product called Groove. Groove is a small device that plugs into the car and disables texting, email and social media while the vehicle is in use. Parents that are concerned about what their teens are able to do with their phones while they are driving can customize the device to disable music streaming and navigation as well. This particular technology works with the carriers' networks and allows the apps to start working soon after the driver turns off the vehicle.

Another option, called Drive ID, creates zones inside the vehicle that allows passengers to use their phones while the driver cannot. This technology was created by Cellcontrol and blocks social gaming and social media updates and also prevents texting and driving. When people text someone who has the Drive ID device enabled while they are driving, they will get an alert telling them the message won't be delivered until the trip is over.

Technology like this could only be effective if drivers are willing to use it. Victims of car accidents that were caused by distracted drivers may be able to get compensation to cover their medical costs, lost wages and repairs or replacement to their vehicles. An attorney may be able to help individuals who haven't been offered fair settlements from the responsible party's insurance company get the money they need to pay their bills and recover from their injuries.

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