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3 anti-accident car safety features you should know

Cars, in many ways, are safer than they have ever been. Modern technology has, thankfully, made it easier to avoid accidents and stay safe on the road. You likely notice that car ads commonly tout a plethora of novelty new safety features. Which of these are worth the investment, and what should you know about them? The following are a few examples of features that are becoming common in cars. Even the safest car in the world, though, is susceptible to the dangers of the road.

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation, as many as 130,000 people sustain injuries in accidents in a given year. If you have suffered an injury, you should seek medical care and legal assistance as soon as possible.

1. Electronic stability control

Electronic stability control, or ESC, is one of the most innovative features added to cars in recent years. It is most useful for SUVs and trucks that have a higher center of gravity due to their bigger size. ESC is a computerized system that maintains stability and prevents rollover. It works by detecting when a vehicle starts to lose traction and uses the brakes to counteract the skidding.

2. Forward collision warning

Forward collision warning has become a standard feature in many new cars. Unfortunately, distracted driving is more common than ever, and forward collisions have become increasingly common as a result. Forward collision warning helps to prevent such accidents by detecting an imminent collision with a combination of cameras, lasers and radars. When the system confirms a potential crash, it applies the brakes.

3. Blind spot minoring

Similar to forward collision warnings, blind spot monitoring systems work by scanning the surroundings of your vehicle. If you turn on your turn signal and the system detects an object in your blind spot, the alert will activate to make you aware and avoid a collision. This feature is useful, but it is only truly beneficial if you plan in advance and use your turn signal. 

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