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Daydremaing may be a bigger road safety threat than cellphones

Many road safety experts in North Carolina and around the country have blamed the surge in distracted driving fatalities on the popularity of mobile devices like smartphones and tablet computers, but a study from a leading insurance company suggests that drivers who become lost in thought or daydream behind the wheel are a far more serious problem. A research team from Erie Insurance came to this conclusion after studying accident data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System gathered over the last five years.

The researchers first determined that 10 percent of the 172,000 road users killed during the last five years lost their lives in accidents involving distracted drivers. They then analyzed the data to find out what had distracted the motorists involved. Daydreaming or general distraction was the most common explanation given with 61 percent of the drivers saying that they were lost in thought before crashing. Cellphone use was only listed as the factor 14 percent of the time.

However, the researchers concede that the FARS data they used to complete the study may not be providing a complete picture of the problem. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration uses police reports to update the database, but these accounts are often based on interviews with motorists who have just caused fatal car accidents and may have good reason to be less than forthcoming with law enforcement.

Distracted drivers may seek to avoid taking responsibility for their negligent behavior by claiming that their vehicles experienced some sort of mechanical failure. When the defendants in car accident lawsuits have made such statements to police officers, experienced personal injury attorneys may have their vehicles inspected to counter those claims in court.

Source: Erie Insurance, "Erie Insurance releases police data showing daydreaming #1 on top 10 list of fatal distracted driving behaviors", Press release, April 3, 2018

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