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Alliance seeks to improve safety in the entertainment industry

North Carolina workers in the entertainment industry can face serious threats to their health and well-being due to on-the-job accidents. Falls, electrical problems and other hazards can be dangers for workers on movie sets, in theater spaces and in other entertainment venues. Because of the danger of such accidents and injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is renewing an alliance with two major industry groups in order to reduce the number and prevalence of workplace injuries.

OSHA is working with the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, a professional association, and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the major entertainment industry trade union. As part of the alliance, the three organizations will share information, resources and details to help cut down on the number of workplace accidents suffered by entertainment industry workers. OSHA will provide materials on enforcement initiatives, the rulemaking process and cross-industry safety campaigns.

The two theater industry groups will also provide detailed education on a number of major workplace safety topics, including the use of fall prevention technology and portable power systems. The entertainment industry alliance is part of a program operated by OSHA to support the involvement of major industry groups in promoting safety on the job. These alliances complement OSHA's ongoing work to enforce rules that help to ensure safer workplaces.

Unfortunately, many workers are injured while on the job. Employees who have suffered workplace injuries have a right to workers' compensation benefits, and an attorney can help injured workers seek the compensation they deserve as well as pursue actions for safety violations.

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