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March 2018 Archives

Study highlights causes of commercial trucking accidents

Every year in North Carolina and across America, 15 million commercial tractor-trailers carry the vast majority of the nation's goods used around the country. It's no surprise given the volume of trucks on the road that trucking accidents are a regular occurrence. Unfortunately, statistics show the frequency of those accidents is increasing.

Alliance seeks to improve safety in the entertainment industry

North Carolina workers in the entertainment industry can face serious threats to their health and well-being due to on-the-job accidents. Falls, electrical problems and other hazards can be dangers for workers on movie sets, in theater spaces and in other entertainment venues. Because of the danger of such accidents and injuries, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is renewing an alliance with two major industry groups in order to reduce the number and prevalence of workplace injuries.

Government attempts to detect drowsy drivers challenged

For drivers in North Carolina and across the country, truck driver fatigue caused by sleep apnea is both a major public health concern as well as a direct worry for its potential to lead to devastating trucking accidents. Because of the size, weight and mass of large trucks, collisions involving these vehicles can carry especially serious consequences. To prevent these types of collisions, the federal government has put in place a series of regulations that attempt to detect those at risk for drowsy driving.