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FMCSA petitioned for change to truckers' 14-hour clock

Commercial truck drivers in North Carolina may remember the reforms that were instituted back in 2013 regarding hours of service. Though Congress has scrapped the rules that 34-hour restarts include two early morning periods and these restarts are limited to once a week, there was one rule that was never eliminated: the requirement that one 30-minute break is taken within the first eight hours of duty time each day.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration additionally regulates truck drivers' 14-hour daily clock, not allowing it to stop. However, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has recently filed a petition with the FMCSA calling for changes to these rules. Specifically, it requests that drivers be allowed to pause the clock for up to three consecutive hours, thus breaking up the 14-hour duty time and getting rid of the 30-minute break requirement.

The OOIDA claims that current regulations are overly complex and do not take drivers' physical limitations into account. According to the agency, the nonstop 14-hour clock forces drivers to work even when they are fatigued or road and weather conditions are bad. The agency has no complaints with the regulation that drivers take 10 hours of off-duty time before their next shift.

The petition comes at a time when the FMCSA is conducting feasibility studies with so-called "split-sleeper" options. Years may pass before changes are enacted.

Such limiting regulations may have to be taken into account before victims of truck accidents can file claims against the trucking companies, which is why having a lawyer is essential. Attorneys who are experienced with personal injury law can usually bring in accident investigators and other experts to flesh out the details of the case, estimate a fair settlement and negotiate for it. If trucking companies refuse to pay out, lawyers can proceed to litigation.

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