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How wearable tech helps construction workers stay safe

Every year in North Carolina and the rest of the U.S., workplace injuries and illnesses cost businesses an average of $250 billion. In response, many companies are adopting wearable technology for their employees. This can both reduce safety risks and leverage a great deal of insurance benefits.

One example of wearable tech is sensor technology. Triax Technologies has developed a sensor that attaches to a tool belt and tracks the wearer's location. Safety personnel can keep track of the sensors through a network system. The system even sends automatic notifications and information whenever someone slips, trips or falls.

American International Group has also invested in Human Condition Safety, a manufacturer or wearable tech. It produces similar tracking devices that are embedded in construction vests to track workers' movements. The benefits of these devices can range from a decrease in fraud to the logging of information that can prove helpful when addressing injury claims.

Digital technology is a relatively rare sight in the construction world. According to a McKinsey & Company report, construction is the No. 2 least digitized U.S. industry. This accounts for the growing number of insurance providers that are financially backing the producers of wearable safety technology.

Of course, tracking devices will not necessarily prevent someone from being injured in a construction accident; however, the information devices provide can help in determining a settlement. Victims of such accidents can speak with a lawyer, who in turn can hire investigators to bring together proof of the accidents and injuries. Victims can then file for workers' compensation. If the employer's negligence caused the accident, the victim could instead file an injury claim and possibly receive a larger settlement.

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