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Common collisions that occur in parking lots

Car accidents happen every day in North Carolina. According to data from the state's Division of Motor Vehicles, over 130,000 individuals suffered injuries from motor vehicle accidents in 2016, which was a 5.3 percent increase from the previous year. 

While many accidents occur on freeways and city streets, a surprisingly large number occur in parking lots. These collisions are usually not life-threatening, but they can result in significant damage to both vehicles. Lawsuits can still result from these accidents, so make sure you are aware of the most common ways to end up in a parking lot accident and how to avoid them. 

Two cars back into each other

It is the responsibility of all drivers to look for any vehicles before pulling out of a spot. Do not rely on just your rear-view and side mirrors to see if anyone is behind you. Turn your head to see if a car from across the way pulls out at the same time as you. In this type of accident, both drivers will most likely share part of the liability. 

Rear-end collision at a stop sign

Many drivers take greater risks in parking lots because they do not move as fast. Even though you may only go 10 mph, you still want to keep both eyes on the road at all time. Do not look at your phone or mess with your bags while driving. Otherwise, you could run into another car. Most of the time with a rear-end collision, the driver who ran into the back bumper of the other car will be liable. 

Car backs out of space into an oncoming vehicle

Vehicles in the lane of traffic have the right of way in a parking lot. It is up to the driver backing out of a space to make sure it is safe to move out. The best way to avoid these types of collisions is to always back out slowly, especially if you have a blind spot.

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