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Review habits for safer commuting as days grow shorter

Although North Carolina and Colorado are on opposite sides of the country, both states have plenty of wildlife, including bear, deer and myriad small creatures. Collisions involving vehicles and animals occur regularly and, according to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, result in property damage losses that average more than $3,400 per incident. The Colorado Department of Transportation reports that, on average, 3,300 wildlife-related accidents take place each year and says that the majority of those crashes take place in November. Motorists who are adjusting to the return of eastern standard time may find advice offered by a distant wildlife manager with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to be timely.

Through an online news outlet, CPW reminds motorists that wild animals tend to be most active between dusk and dawn, and because animals may be difficult to see in the dark, transportation officials may post warning signs in areas where animals are known to be particularly active. In some cases, a motorist who heeds the signage may mitigate the risk associated with an unexpected animal encounter on the road.

Sign or no sign, animal-related incidents can happen any place at any time, so drivers may want to take a few added precautions. Maintaining moderate speeds, staying alert and scanning the roadway ahead could allow drivers the few extra seconds that they may need to react to the presence of wildlife on the roadways.

In North Carolina, the fall time change may juxtapose morning commuters with animals who are also likely to be on the move. If motorists are seriously injured in car accidents that occur because other drivers have swerved to avoid hitting wildlife, the injured individuals may be entitled to financial compensation. Dependent on the facts of each case, a personal injury attorney may be able to litigate the matter on an injured client's behalf.

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