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October 2017 Archives

How medical conditions affect truck driver safety

North Carolina truckers tend to suffer from issues like high blood pressure, lower back pain, diabetes, and heart disease, as their lifestyle naturally demands that they sit for long hours, sleep only when they can, and eat at the most convenient places, not the healthiest. While most trucking companies will pull a driver for a serious health condition, most do not consider the way that multiple conditions interact and affect driver performance.

How smartphones are making roads more dangerous

Whether a North Carolina resident uses the term crash or accident to describe a collision between vehicles, smartphones may be playing a role in causing these incidents. In one 2008 fatal accident, a 20-year-old cited his smartphone as the reason why he ran a red light before colliding with another vehicle. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, there were 37,262 traffic deaths in that year.

Car entertainment systems can be dangerously distracting

Many of the new vehicles on sale in North Carolina showrooms feature complex entertainment and information systems, but a study from the University of Utah conducted on behalf of the American Automobile Association suggests that this kind of sophisticated technology can be dangerously distracting to drivers. The researchers used 2017 model year vehicles and 30 such systems for their study, and they found that all of the systems made demands on drivers that could lead to accidents.

Fall protection and trench safety top priorities for OSHA

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration continues to focus on fall protection and trench safety. These two categories represent important issues for construction workers in North Carolina and elsewhere because falls and trench collapses cause severe injuries that can often be fatal.