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September 2017 Archives

The hazards of misusing forklifts for lifting people

North Carolina employees who believe there are hazards in their workplaces or that practices in their workplaces violate OSHA standards can contact the agency and make a confidential report. For example, warehouse workers should not use forklifts and pallets to be lifted to high shelves. One worker was killed when he slipped from a pallet being used in this way and fell 7 feet to a concrete floor. The man was hospitalized and later died.

The prevalence of texting and driving

What do North Carolina motorists think about the dangers of texting and driving? If they are like the respondents of a Progressive Insurance study, they believe that they are the exception to the rule. An online study was conducted in August that was taken by around 1,000 people at or over the age of 18. The consensus was that distracted driving was dangerous and should be illegal. However, approximately a third of these motorists thought that they were able to text and drive safely.

Accident avoidance technology can cut crash rate

Drivers and passengers on North Carolina roadways could find increased safety with the use of collision avoidance technology. Lane departure warning systems and blind spot alerts can significantly cut the number of vehicle accidents and resulting injuries, according to a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.