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Thursday and Friday deadliest days for truck accidents

Like most workers in North Carolina, truck drivers experience more fatigue at the end of the work week. Perhaps unsurprisingly, accident data has revealed that Thursday is consistently the top day for truck driver fatalities. Friday comes in second place for deadly crashes that involve commercial vehicles.

Research into the Thursday phenomenon confirms that truck drivers feel more mental and physical weariness after consecutive days of work. Their stress levels to meet deadlines run high as well. Fatigue and stress contribute to errors like missing problems during equipment checks or being tired behind the wheel.

Time of day factors into the likelihood of accidents as well. The majority of fatal large truck accidents happen between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. During these peak traffic hours, speeding and human error could be the source of crashes. Major roads represent the scene of 53 percent of fatal wrecks whereas only 30 percent of them happen on interstates and freeways.

The U.S. Department of Labor has documented the dangers posed by commercial trucks. Across the nation, approximately 475,000 trucks get in accidents every year. Over 5,000 deaths and about 140,000 injuries result from these crashes.

Although many truckers strive to safely transport their cargo, a mistake or even outright negligence could leave a victim with severe injuries and high medical bills. To pursue damages, a victim could enlist the services of an attorney familiar with litigating trucking accidents. An attorney could review the evidence to determine if the truck driver suffered from fatigue or the trucking company violated regulations and skimped on truck maintenance. After organizing evidence, an attorney could prepare court filings. If pretrial discussions do not produce compensation for the victim, then the lawyer could bring the case to trial.

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