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Construction workers at risk of crane accidents on the job

Construction sites are typically not a safe place to be for people without proper training and protection: structures can be unstable, people can fall, and things can fall on people. It can be a very dangerous environment.

Even if you are trained and have on the appropriate safety equipment, you could get seriously injured in a construction-related accident, thanks to the massive machinery that is often found on job sites. Reports show that the risk of crane accidents in particular is increasing due to an all-time-high number of construction projects.

Reasons for crane accidents

In the case of mobile cranes, there are a number of reasons how and why accidents happen. To begin with, they can strike or be hit by other vehicles when they are traveling on roads to or from a job site. Cranes often move slowly and take a long time to stop, making them a potential hazard on any roadway if other drivers are not careful.

Cranes can also tip over, drop loads, and get crushed or crush objects and people. These accidents can cause catastrophic injuries to the operator, other workers on a job site or motorists in a roadway accident.

What to do if you are injured

In the event of a crane accident, getting medical attention immediately will be crucial. Injuries caused by a  massive industrial machine or construction vehicle are often catastrophic, and emergency care is critical.

Seeking compensation

Once the injuries have been treated, victims or the loved ones of a victim who suffered fatal injuries can turn their attention toward seeking the financial help they need to acknowledge damages and move forward.

Oftentimes, this can include workers' compensation if the victim was on the job when he or she was hurt. You might also be able to file a third party liability claim if the accident was caused by another person's negligence or recklessness.

Money cannot undo the devastation of a serious work-related accident, but it can help the people affected by it to cope with the damages and begin to recover. To maximize the compensation you may receive, it can be wise to consult an attorney experienced in construction and industrial accidents.

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