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Composting operations safety tips could prevent injuries

North Carolina composting operations employees may be aware that the Solid Waste Association of North America has released safety tips to help prevent injuries. According to the organization, composting operations often involve a number of hazards due to the use of heavy machinery, physical labor and a dynamic work environment.

The composting tips were developed for the "Five to Stay Alive" work safety campaign series being run by the organization. They addressed some of the most common dangers and hazards found in composting. The five safety tips include following the lockout or tagout procedure, avoiding walking or crossing conveyors, being aware of heights and using fall protection if needed, stacking bales safely and maintaining a safe distance away from moving machinery.

While solid waste and recycling collection is considered to be one of the most hazardous jobs, it plays an incredibly important role. Composting operations, which are part of this industry, are also increasingly becoming more important as many states and local governments are moving to food waste diversion and yard waste diversion. Composting is a leading disposal method for these materials as it keeps food and yard waste out of landfills.

Although many employers do their best to ensure that their workers have a safe environment to work in, accidents and injuries can still occur. If a worker is injured, there are certain procedures that he or she must follow in order to seek workers' compensation benefits. These procedures usually include reporting the injury to the employer as soon as possible. A claim must be filed within a specified time period, and an attorney can often help to ensure that it is and that it contains all necessary supporting documentation.

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