Attendant Care

Workers' compensation claims sometimes involve more than one person. The accident victim needs compensation when he or she is unable to work. However, a spouse or immediate family member serving as a caretaker may have put his or her career on hold to help the injured loved one.

At the Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we have over 40 years of experience of handling workers' compensation claims. Many cases involved securing benefits for a close relative giving up a steady income and providing attendant care.

If you have re-prioritized your life to care for a loved one hurt on the job, you may be entitled to attendant care benefits. Contact us at 704-823-6247 or toll free at 888-868-1576.

Gastonia Attorneys Securing Compensation for Hard Working Caretakers

Attendant care claims are complex and require an experienced workers' compensation attorney to file two claims. Many area firms and attorneys cannot handle the complexity of those cases. Many times, they refer their clients to us, confident that we can handle all aspects of the attendant care claim.

North Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyers at Your Side

If you dedicate yourself to being at the side of an injured spouse or close family member, we will dedicate ourselves to staying by your side until you receive the benefits you deserve. A workers' compensation claim involving attendant care can be complex and present challenges. However, we are up to facing those obstacles on your behalf, even the odds and maximize your compensation.

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