Gastonia SSDI Lawyers

The process of Social Security Disability benefits is a complicated bureaucracy that pits you against a powerful government agency. Add to that the frustration of a likely initial denial by the Social Security Administration.

Do not be discouraged. An initial denial is not the final verdict. At the Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we will stand by you throughout the entire processes of SSDI applications and appeals as we have for North Carolina residents over the past 40-plus years. We are dedicated to securing the compensation you deserve.

You do not have to face the Social Security Administration on your own when applying for SSDI or SSI benefits. Contact us at 704-823-6247 or toll free at 888-868-1576.

Gastonia SSDI Attorneys Evening the Odds Against You

Many SSDI cases we handle spin off from personal injury and workers' compensation claims. Not all injuries in those areas are minor. Damage can go beyond whiplash or carpal tunnel. Accidents that occur on the roads of North Carolina or in the local workplaces can be catastrophic and deadly.

You may be left unable to earn a living and in need of an advocate at your side during a complicated and challenging SSDI application and appeals process.

North Carolina Social Security Disability Lawyers

For years, you had money taken out of your hard-earned paycheck. You are entitled to that compensation when you can no longer work. From ensuring that all information related to your injury is documented to aggressive representation at hearings, we are dedicated to fighting for your rightful benefits.

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