Bed Sores

When your loved one has been placed in a nursing home or elderly care center, you should not have to worry about him or her getting bed sores and pressure ulcers. Period. The fact that some nursing homes may believe that bed sores are just part of the norm is completely unacceptable. Bed sores are preventable, especially if an elderly patient is receiving at the very least, standard care at the facility.

If your loved one is a victim of bed sores or pressure ulcers at a North Carolina nursing home, seek our help immediately. The sooner you reach out to Roberts Law Firm, P.A., the sooner we can start working on protecting your loved one's legal rights. In addition, we will pursue any necessary claims for nursing home negligence or abuse.

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Nursing Home Negligence and Bed Sores

Many times elderly patients in nursing homes, especially those with limited mobility, spend significant time in their beds. Some elderly patients are even bedridden. When a patient remains not only mobile but sedentary in the same position for long periods of time, bed sores or pressure ulcers can result. In the most severe cases, bed sores can become extremely infected and cause fever or even death. That is why nursing home staff must take great precaution in care to prevent bed sores. This can be easily done by rotating a patient's position, daily repositioning through off-loading, utilizing foam bedding or pillows, keeping the patient properly clean if he or she has soiled clothing, and encouraging daily activity and other methods.

A nursing home or staff that completely fails to attempt any of these types of preventative actions can be held negligent for such actions. In severe cases, it can be considered nursing home abuse. If your elderly loved one suffers from bed sores, seek our help immediately before things get worse. We will work hard to hold all negligent parties responsible for their actions.

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