Gastonia Car Accidents Lawyers

Negligence by drivers on the roads of North Carolina creates hazardous conditions and deadly dangers. Even the most defensive and careful motor vehicle operators can find themselves seriously injured or grieving the death of a loved one.

At the Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we have stood by Gastonia-area residents suffering the emotional and physical after effects of a motor vehicle accident.

Do not give in to the pressure of an insurance company wanting you to settle immediately. Contact us at 704-823-6247 or toll free at 888-868-1576.

Gastonia Car Accidents Attorneys Maximizing Your Compensation

At the Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we encourage clients to seek medical care and secure legal protection following a car or motorcycle accident. The responsible party's insurance provider will likely be in contact with you, claiming to have your best interests in mind.

However, their goal is to settle for pennies on the dollar with aggressive tactics. They may point the finger of blame in your direction or accuse you of riding an "unseen" motorcycle. They are only concerned with their bottom line. We are concerned with protecting your rights and maximizing your compensation.

North Carolina Truck Accidents Lawyers

Truck drivers are required to adhere to not only the rules of the road, but also the regulations governing their industry. When they fail to take breaks and instead operate their trucks while sleep deprived or impaired by drugs, the results are often catastrophic and deadly. You need a seasoned personal injury attorney who will fight to preserve evidence and build your case with the help of experts and accident reconstructionists.

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