Equitable Distribution

One of the most contested issues in a divorce is equitable distribution of assets and liabilities. Both assets and debt must be divided accordingly under North Carolina divorce laws. In North Carolina, the law requires the parties to "equitably" divide all marital property. This is not necessarily a 50-50 split. In addition, the parties must first deem what property is considered "marital property." In general, marital property is all property acquired (by either spouse) from the start of the marriage to the date of legal separation. This can become a quickly complex matter, especially if there are significant assets involved as well as businesses that need to be valuated properly.

Equitable Distribution of Assets and Liabilities

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North Carolina Property Division

A common misconception among clients who are seeking a divorce is that all property needs to be divided 50-50. This is not necessarily the case in every divorce. While that may be the outcome for some, that is not what North Carolina law always deems as "equitable." The first step in dividing property in a divorce is to determine what property is "marital property." Once this is determined, then all property must be properly valuated and divided accordingly among the parties.

What can make property division exceptionally complicated is when one or both parties have many assets to evaluate as well as assets considered more complex. This includes partnerships, private practices and other business entities that are more difficult to valuate. No matter how difficult your property division case may be, we can help you successfully achieve a resolution to your divorce.

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