Police call for stronger distracted driving laws in North Carolina

North Carolina, like many other states, has devoted a substantial amount of resources toward improving highway safety for motorists. Recently, a task force comprised of law enforcement officers and other transportation officials met to discuss their future plans to help reduce the number of car accidents occurring within the state.

During the meeting, Governor Pat McCrory directed the task force to begin a serious crackdown on motorists who are texting while driving, as well as those who are driving under the influence. He hopes that this crackdown will prevent some of the deadly motor vehicle accidents being caused by drivers who are not paying attention to the road when they are behind the wheel.

The state does have a law that prohibits texting while driving, but currently, the use of handheld cellphones is still permitted. Officers feel that the texting ban, which was passed in 2008, needs to be updated. Many drivers now have smartphones, and they could be surfing the Internet or reading posts on social media sites, which would not be prohibited under the current laws.

Some have called for a new law that would ban the use of handheld cellphones. If police observed a motorist using a cellphone, they would then be able to issue a ticket. Now, officers believe that motorists can say they were making a call or scrolling through their contacts and escape a citation.

These accidents remain a significant problem in the state, and with the busy summer driving season approaching, officials want to be sure that they have a plan in place. Legislators may revisit these rules during the next legislative session, so it is possible that changes may be coming in the future.

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