Gastonia Products Liability Lawyers

Selecting and purchasing a product only to bring it home and suffer an injury from it requires you to seek immediate legal representation. Operating large and complex equipment at work should not lead to catastrophic and career-ending damage.

At the Roberts Law Firm, P.A., we represent North Carolina residents against large companies and high-profile corporations responsible for product and design defects.

If you have been injured at home or on the job due to a faulty product, contact us at 704-823-6247 or toll free at 888-868-1576.

Gastonia Products Liability Attorneys Teaming With Industry Experts

Product liability claims can arise from a labeling error or a machine catching fire. Our job is to get to the facts when a seemingly harmless product injured you. That will involve a detailed investigation of the product and the possibility that others have been hurt as well. We team with experts to find out not just how you were injured, but the extent of your damages both short and long term.

North Carolina Defective Products Lawyers Handling All Aspects of Your Claim

A product liability case can become a part of a workers' compensation claim. Our attorneys have extensive experience in both areas and can provide a higher level of dual representation for two claims. If a design or manufacturing defect put you out of work, we will fight to hold the manufacturer responsible while also pursuing a workers' comp claim on your behalf.

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